Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo – GC – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look

Wallace and Gromit are
getting their very own console adventure this September in Project Zoo.  Project
Zoo takes place after the “Wrong Trousers” short film, and follows up on the duo
trying to free 24 baby animals from an evil man trying to take over a zoo.  As
Gromit the dog, you must free these animals, avoid the bad guys, and keep a
close and watchful eye over your bumbling master, Wallace. 


The preview build had tons
of style, and the graphics were already right on par with the award-winning
show.  The characters had all the personality of their film counterparts and the
physical comedy between Wallace and Gromit made the characters really stand
out.  The gameplay was nicely varied.  One level I saw had Gromit sneaking
around in a dark warehouse a la Solid Snake (at one point even hiding under a
box and peering through a hole in first person), and the next had him running
around and jumping in a molten lava/volcano-type setting.  The game also made
strong use of the contraptions which Wallace builds.  As you progress through
levels, it’s necessary to pick up parts for these contraptions in order to
proceed from place to place.  They vary, from a fire extinguisher to a porridge
gun.  If the game stays on track, then Wallace and Gromit fans should have
something to look forward to this fall.