UP – PC – Preview

Based on the upcoming Disney Pixar
animated film, UP is the latest title from THQ to be based on a Disney-Pixar
film, following up their smash-hit Cars. The game follows the exploits of Carl
Fredricksen, a 78-year old retiree who goes on a journey across the globe to
South America in honor of his late wife. In order to make the trip, Carl outfits
his house with 10,000 balloons and floats to the continent. Unfortunately, he
has a stowaway, a young scout named Russell, who comes along to lend a hand with
the adventure.

The PC demo of the game showcases
two areas that reveal some of the core elements of UP’s gameplay. The demo
begins with the two main characters, Carl and Russell, trying to get back to
Carl’s airborne house as it flies over a South American river. The two
characters are stuck in the river, requiring you to paddle your way upstream in
order to chase the house down. While trying to work your way up the river, you
have to be mindful of alligators that pop up and will attempt to knock the two
of you off of your makeshift log raft.

UP PC screenshots

The other section of the demo dealt
with the platforming elements. The game features a co-op feel, with both
characters always on-screen. You’ll have to toggle between each of them when
necessary, as they each have their own specific advantages when it comes to
solving puzzles. For example, Carl can use his cane to hoist himself up to
higher platforms and then use it to lift up Russell, while Russell can use his
scout mirror and magnifying glass to shine sunlight at wild animals that get in
your way. This co-op feel adds a nice element to the game and could work quite
well in multiplayer situations.

UP’s varied gameplay and
light-hearted content should make it a title that resonates well with the
younger set, as well as fans of the film. Look for it to release later this