Unreal Tournament 3 – PS3 – Preview 2

E3 2007 Preview

We all know that Unreal Tournament 3 is making
waves on the PC and generating a ton of buzz. However, little has been seen or
heard of the upcoming PS3 version, until now that is. Midway showcased a build
of the PS3 version at a recent E32007 event, and the results were very
impressive. They even had the PC version on hand so that they could run a
comparison between the two, and detail-wise they were pretty much neck-and-neck.
UT3 will offer a great alternative for gamers without a high-powered PC, but are
looking to play a stellar FPS game on their PS3.

Unreal Tournament 3 will feature a full-on story
in the single-player campaign. It will basically be a revenge story that
branches out, allowing you to unlock vehicles, weapons and customizables for
your single-player avatar.

The customization elements in UT3 are very deep,
allowing you to select from a great number of armor pieces, including new
helmets, thigh guards and chest plates that can give your character a
fundamentally different look.

The biggest new mode as far as multiplayer goes
is the new Warfare mode. An objective based mode, Warfare has you competing with
the opposing team in order to go across the battlefield unlocking nodes, which
become the center of the action. Once you unlock a node, then you’ll gain access
to a host of new vehicles and gun turrets for your team, shifting the dynamic on
the fly and making for some very intense gameplay.

The game will also make use of the SIXAXIS
controller is a few key ways. You’ll be able to control your character’s
hoverboard navigation with the controller’s motion sensing, as well as the
Redeemer weapon, which shoots a nuke across the stage and allows you to guide it
in a first-person camera mode by tilting the SIXAXIS.

UT3 is shaping up to be a very exciting game, and
the PS3 port more than shows that the system is very competent when it comes to
first-person shooting and Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. Look for it later this year.

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