Undead Knights – PSP – Preview

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"Have a bloody good time!" That’s
the current tagline for Undead Knights, the gory, semi-comical, semi-horrific
action game from Tecmo. The developers really want to emphasize the fact that
it’s a "bloody" game, thus writing that word in red while the rest are in white.
Created specifically for PSP, Undead Knights combines a large sword-carrying
anti-hero who just so happens to have the power to manipulate zombies. He
himself is a powerful beast that could likely deal with any battle all on his
own. But why fight when you can get others do to do it for you?

This strange combo has led to an
even stranger outcome: a game that appears to be a mix of Overlord and Dynasty
Warriors. That’s not how the game is being promoted, but let’s look at the
facts: dozens of enemies litter the PSP’s screen. The camera position is very
close to the DW series, and the basic combat moves involved a lot of hacking and
slashing. Meanwhile, the zombie army you command can either be directed toward
the enemy (like Overlord and the lighthearted Pikmin) or you may pick up zombies
individually and throw them at the enemy (also like Pikmin).

Undead Knights screenshots

Zombies will be an invaluable part
of this game. Normally the idea of seeing a zombie bite into someone’s flesh
isn’t all that appealing. However, when you know that flesh isn’t going to be
that of your own character, it gains a whole new meaning. The animations were a
tad stiff at this stage in development, and the characters and backgrounds were
slightly washed out. But overall the game looked good, especially when you
consider how many zombies (and human enemies) they’re attempting to cram onto
the screen at one time. Of course, that too brings us back to the Dynasty
Warriors comparison.

Coming this fall, Undead Knights
should be a fun game for Overlord and/or Dynasty Warriors fans to explore.

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