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In correlation with last
year’s unveiling of Toy Story Midway Mania! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and
Disney’s California Adventure, Disney and Papaya Studio are bringing forth a
video game that is based on the theme park attraction titled Toy Story Mania!

Having cameos from
well-recognized characters such as the Little Green Men, Buzz Lightyear, and
Woody, Toy Story Mania! contains a wide variety of mini-games for players
to compete in. The mini-games can be played with up to four players (although
having to share between two controllers) and features a plethora of
single-player mini-games.

The mini-games featured
were a pie throwing booth, the Little Green Men shooting camp, and skee ball. A
few of the mini-games will allow for 3D visuals, so players will be able to put
on a set of 3D glasses to engross themselves in the title. Many of the levels
aren’t ready to be revealed, but a handful of the characters from the film
franchise will host the mini-games to encourage the players to perform well.
They’ll give you instructions and assist you in accomplishing your tasks. From
competitive to cooperative mini-games, there will be a wide variety of
mini-games to play through.

Exclusively for the
Nintendo Wii, Toy Story Mania! will release on September 15 alongside the
re-release of Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2
in 3D for theatres on October 2.

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