Tony Hawk’s Underground – GC – Preview

E3 2003 –
First Look


Tony Hawk has been the king
of skateboarding for a while now, even back in 1987 when I was doing it. He’s
had a long line of successful Activision games, and there is a new one which
doesn’t have a definite release date set yet called T.H.U.G. that will
actually place more emphasis on the player than Tony Hawk himself … and you
won’t be skateboarding all the time either.


You have the create your own
skater mode again, and this time you can actually take a digitized picture of
your face and add it to the game as you skate around and do a lot of other
things that you didn’t do in past Tony Hawk titles. The trailer that I saw of
the game had you doing things like driving and racing in high-speed Japanese
sports cars, and even a level that had a character climbing hand over hand
across a suspended power line looking like more of a 3rd person
action title.


This new Tony Hawk looks to
not only be as popular as the originals, but also to begin expanding on the
franchise and doing something a little different this time around.