Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas – PS3 – Preview

There is a
certain expectation when Tom Clancy’s name is attached to a project, and the
Rainbow Six franchise has certainly lived up to that expectation. Sure, there
was a stumble or two along the way, but Rainbow Six has invaded Las Vegas and
the action is taut, the environments are terrific and the gameplay is rich and

Not only is
Rainbow Six Vegas a top-notch shooter, but the game is also tactically oriented.
More on that in a moment.

Rainbow Six
Vegas released in late 2006 on both the 360 and PC platforms. In the intervening
months, Ubisoft has been busy insuring that the transition to the PS3 is
anything but just a straight port. The PS3 has 10 new multiplayer maps and two
new game modes, exclusive to the PS3.

The game’s
single-player experience begins in Mexico and the Rainbow Six team being sent in
to eliminate a terrorist responsible for bombings in Bogot