Tokobot – PSP – Preview

People always complain about the
lack of originality in games. Yet when a game finally comes around that is
really unique and original, people shun it because it isn’t what they where
“wanting.” This leads to poor game sales, which makes developers not want to
make any new and original games. You see that this is a never-ending cycle that
needs to be broken. Well, Tecmo is about to release a really unique and
intriguing adventure puzzle game that puts a new spin on the genre. Read on to
find out more.

Players will take on the shoes of a 16-year-old agent Bolt, with the Tokobots,
which are the young and friendly robots who will help you on your journey to
find various treasures. The thing is that these Tokobots will follow Bolt around
like lost puppies thoughtout the entire adventure and you can control then by
using various formations, and each formation helps players get out of specific

In this preview three formations were available to try out. First they will
circle around me, a single line formation behind Bolt, as well as a horizontal
line formation. You can toggle between all three at the touch of a button, once
you select your choice the Tokobots will immediately move into that formation.
The circle formation is use to protect yourself against enemies and to jump to
higher places. The single-line formation is used to attack enemies by throwing
your buddies in the enemy’s direction, as well as use to climb various items.
The last formation you can spin around really fast and do damage to enemies
nearby as well as hover in the air if you have enough speed.

Players will have to understand each formation early on so that they can be
prepared for anything that comes along the way. In this preview version you have
to use various configurations to get through it. In other words this game will
force players to think about to how get past any and all situations, which is a
refreshing change of pace in comparison to many of the other games that are
available to gamers currently.

In this preview version the graphics are shaping up quite nicely. The
environments that the players will go through really match the games really
unique style of game play. Bolt and his robot friends are detailed pretty nicely
and have a nice set of animations that players will chuckle at while they are
playing through this game. The sound for this game is very generic and not
really inspired like the rest of the game. This might or might not change as the
game comes closer to being released stateside. Hopefully this will be changed
because it will add a lot more character to this game.

So far Tokobots is shaping up to be a really nice and unique adventure for the
PSP. It will be interesting to see how it works out once it hits the American
market and see if players will actually buy unique and original games. Hopefully
they will so we can get more games like this available to us in the future.