TimeSplitters 2 – XB – Preview

Some shooter games allow you to merely
get close. Well close doesn’t count in TimeSplitters 2 – this game is about

Time Splitters 2, from Eidos
Interactive, is a fast-paced shooter program that will have you firing with
purpose across a variety of environments. Oh, there is a storyline, too.

Eidos showed off the graphically
capabilities of TimeSplitters at E3 2002 in Los Angeles, and the first thing one
notices about the game are the graphics and its pacing.

The TimeSplitters, an evil race out to
enslave mankind, is traveling through time to change the course of human events.
With a motley crew of “renegade characters” by your side (the game does support
up to four players), your job is to recover the crystals needed to seal the rift
in time and save humankind.

Environments for this game include the
gangster-ridden 1920s, an Aztec temple in the jungle, Soviet military
installations of the Cold War era, and futuristic robot factories in space.

TimeSplitters uses an upgrade of its
own engine to deliver bright and smooth graphics, not only in the environments,
but the animation is very well done. And when you are talking weapons, you only
need to go into sniper mode to really get a feel for the graphical quality of
this game. It is, in a word, excellent.

Of course, you can play the
multiplayer game as either a cooperative game or in the Unreal style of
competitive gaming.

This game is not only about shooting
accuracy but it takes on the all-action frenetic pace of a hard-core shooter

Whether you like single-player action,
or wish to indulge in the multiplayer carnage available within the game,
TimeSplitters 2 delivers with great special effects, huge environments, a solid
AI, and a map editor to expand the gaming experience.

This appears to be a well-crafted

This program will be released for the
Xbox, PlayStation2 and GameCube in September.