Thrillville – PSP – Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

From the makers of the Roller Coaster Tycoon
series, Thrillville is a new kind of simulation game. Built from the ground up
with the console gamer in mind, Thrillville is a simulator that focuses on the
big picture.

You’re an amusement park owner. Hundreds of
people come to your park everyday, and it’s your job to make them happy. You can
converse with them, find out what they like and dislike, and hopefully build a
better park because of it. Respond to their wants and needs and they’ll come
more often, spend more money, and make it possible for you to build additional

Customization is key, but not to the point where
it’s overwhelming. LucasArts knows that console players don’t necessarily want
to tweak every financial aspect. But that’s there too if you want, just not to
the point where it’s too much.

In designing a coaster, players will find that
there are 25 different types to choose from. These are pre-built coasters that
you may plant in your park as is, or take apart and redesign to your liking.

Still not satisfied? Then build one from scratch.
You may ride your roller coaster, homemade or otherwise, for additional fun and

What makes this different from the Roller Coaster
Tycoon series? What makes it different from Sim City? Thrillville isn’t just
about amusement park management – it’s also about attractions. One of the
attractions shown involved a first-person shooting gallery, inspired by the
light gun shooting galleries you’d find in carnivals many moons ago. Thrillville
is a family-friendly game that does not include any blood or any indication of
harm toward another human. Therefore the shooting gallery uses dummies, not
other in-game characters. The dummies may be shot for points and added fun.
LucasArts believes that this experience helps transform players into the
shooting gallery. They feel that it’s more than just a mini-game, that it takes
the gameplay beyond the traditional simulation builder.

In total, 101 attractions will be available,
including go karts, shooting galleries, a jumping game via adult-sized
trampolines, etc. Many of these attractions will be playable in multiplayer,
allowing your friends to join in and be amused together.


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