Thief: Deadly Shadows – XB – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look


dwells in darkness. It is his ally, his security zone; from darkness he strikes,
and usually he wins, even though the odds never favor him. Ah, such is the life
of a master thief.


III, a pending release from Eidos Interactive for the PC and Xbox, was
demonstrated at E3 in Los Angeles, and the build (slated for a Winter 2003
release) showed a return to the earlier roots of the series.


II introduced technology into the series and seemed a bit at odds with the
original storyline. But the latest evolution of the story has Garrett slinking
back into the shadows, and doing what he does best – stealing from the rich and
giving to himself.


game features stealth gameplay where the slightest hint of light, or a loud
whisper of a foot slapping gently against stone could alert the enemy to your
presence. Other features include an improved AI what allows the guards to see,
hear, become suspicious, track, fight and chase you. The dynamic lighting and
shadow system are a big part of the graphical elements of this game, and care
has been taken to make them an intricate part of the overall gameplay. The
mapboard is huge, and Garrett can pick the locks of and break into any building.
NPCs are also fair game.


gameplay also features solid animation. Garrett’s world is viewed from the
first-person perspective (the hands working to pick a lock look amazing), but
eavesdropping on a guards’ conversation is very well done. Guards move very
realistically, gesture and actually move their mouths in rhythm with the dialog.


sound elements, important in a stealth game, are crisp and clean.


III is a dark-looking game but even in the shadows, there are distinct objects.
This game looks to be a return to the format that made the original story and
program one of the better ones on the market in its day.