The Suffering – PS2 – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look


As far as I’m concerned,
you can never get too much survival horror games on the market. Midway has just
announced a new title and genre for them at this year’s E3, a creepy title known
as The Suffering. It will take place in a dark and dingy penitentiary, where the
main character named Torque is awaiting execution. Suddenly, the tormented and
zombie like creatures and apparitions that were killed before him surface and
inadvertently free him, and he goes on to try and get some answers to a dark


The creatures themselves
were truly disturbing, ranging from bizarre things with no appendages to human
corpses with their legs lopped off at the knee and stilts jammed in. Stan
Winston, the genius behind such monsters as Aliens and Jurassic Park stepped in
to help out Midway with these disturbing creations … and it’s working well.


Torque will run through 9
hellish prison levels, and there will be multiple ending depending on how you
play. You will have a rage meter to go insane, and if you play the game very
violently … you’ll get a different ending than you would if you tried to be more
strategic or friendly … since you will run into multiple criminals in your


The graphics to The
Suffering are looking really good, and there were some really great blood
effects to be shown as the hero got splattered and covered in gore from his
enemies after a few fights. For you fear seekers out there, be looking for
this new scary entry into the market on Halloween this year.