The Beatles: Rock Band – WII – Preview

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The Beatles are one of the most
(if not the most) beloved band in music history. Even several decades after
their break-up, new fans of the group from Liverpool pop up seemingly every day,
due to their brilliant song writing and trademark style. Now, Harmonix, one of
the biggest names in the rhythm game genre, are gearing up to release their game
based on the band’s career, The Beatles Rock Band. The Beatles Rock Band was on
hand at this year’s E3 event, and the results were quite solid, taking the
franchises great gameplay and meshing it nicely with the most famous group in
rock history.

The biggest new addition to the
Rock Band formula is the inclusion of three-part harmonies. Up to three singers
can exercise their vocal chops together, nailing the band’s token three-part
vocals for a common score. While not every song will utilize it (there are a few
that don’t use harmonies and some that only go up to two), this is still a great
addition and strengthens the game’s party-like atmosphere.

The Beatles: Rock Band PlayStation 3 screenshots

The new instruments, each one
reflecting an actual instrument used by each of the band’s members at some point
in their career, handle like the previous instruments, but sport a more
authentic look to them and feel a bit sturdier in hand.

The game will also present
players with a variety of authentic venues from the band’s storied history.
Among the places you’ll be able to play are the famous rooftop concert that was
their farewell show, Shea Stadium, the Ed Sullivan Show, and the Abbey Road
studio. Aside from the real venues, there are also imaginary worlds called
Dreamscapes, allowing you to play in fantastical areas inspired by their
psychedelic era.

The Beatles: Rock Band screenshots

Of course, the real star is the
tracklist, with 45 songs on disc to represent the band’s long and revered
musical career. There are songs from the band’s entire history, each of them
master tracks. Harmonix has also confirmed that the game will support its own
DLC, including Abbey Road, which will be downloadable in its entirety for owners
of the game. Additionally, the Xbox 360 version of the game will have the song
“All You Need is Love” as an exclusive download, with all proceeds going to
Doctors Without Borders.

The Beatles Rock Band is
shaping up to be a must have for Beatles fans, giving you the chance to play
through the band’s catalog and bringing you closer to the Fab Four than any
video game experience could ever claim to.


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