Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – PS2 – Preview

E3 2003 -First Look

When I first sat down to look at the new Terminator : Rise of the Machines
game, I was shown the opening cinematic that were absolutely astounding. The
amount of detail that went into the rendering of Arnold’s character and his
actual voice being used was pretty cool, and this opening scene was extremely
intense. Then I got to see the game …

Terminator : Rise of the Machines takes place about the same time as the
start of the machine vs. human war. You get to play as Arnold’s character who
gets captured and reprogrammed for protection of the humans … but you also get
to play some missions as the Terminator when he was still evil. The T-900
skeletal models looked great, and they even included a few different vision
modes for the Terminator which will allow him to do things like target enemies
or find weak points in the walls to allow for more exploration and be a little
less linear. 

There will also be a light fighting game element in here as well, and Atari
wanted to focus on some of the Terminator vs. Terminator hand to hand combat
battles. During scenes with the female terminator from the film for example, the
screen flipped to a fighting game with a destructible environment and boxes
smashing or walls breaking. The graphics are looking absolutely stunning at this
point, with great CG scenes and in game play taken from actual footage and
photography from the movie. There will even be a videotaped scene by the film
crew from the movie which you will only see in the game. Be looking for it
around November 18th.