TEKKEN 6 – PS3 – Preview

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Dating back to 1995, Tekken is one
of those fighting franchises that is fast-paced, arcade-like and a whole lot of
fun. In the fall of 2009, the franchise will mark its sixth video-game release
with the aptly named Tekken 6.

In addition to a quick presentation
at a pre-E3 event in San Francisco, a little hands-on time with the game was
available. While there was a PS3 pumping out the action, Tekken will be making
its debut on the 360 console system, while also releasing on the PSP. All
iterations will have console-specific content.

For the next wave, radical changes
have been made to the game engine with the focus on movement to make it look as
real as possible. The result is a game that is graphically impressive.

Tekken 6 PlayStation 3 screenshots

Tekken 6 will retain some of the
side-to-side action that has its roots in the arcade, but the environments also
come into play. In one of the battle scenes displayed, there were pigs roaming
the ‘arena.’ Several times pigs were hit and flew across the screen. There were
also destructible environmental elements, including break-away floors.

While there are 40 characters
available in the final release, only a few were playable at the event. There
were also 16 stages, though more may be available at release.
Tekken 6 is very much a button-masher, but the controls were reasonably
intuitive. This is definitely a game you can pick up and play. There will be an
extensive online mode.

The game is shaping up to be a
worthy piece of the Tekken legacy, and should be on the radar of all
console-based fight-game fans.

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