Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys – NDS – Preview

From Ignition Entertainment, Teenage Zombies
is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game with a quirky and dark sense of humor. The
game unfolds in typical comic book fashion, offering some great storyline
elements and cool characters, as well as some fun mini-games.

In Teenage Zombies, you play as three teens
whose lives were cut short by untimely accidents. However, it wasn’t the end of
the line for these characters, as they now can roam the earth as the undead.
They must embark on a mission to defeat invading alien creatures, who
fortunately bear a striking resemblance to brains (a staple food for zombies,
for those not in the know). Therefore, the three undead teens must use their
unique undead abilities to defeat the invading threat, and possibly indulge in a
little snackage…

Each of the three main characters has their
own set of unique abilities that allows them to progress through certain areas.
Half-Pipe is a legless zombie on a skateboard capable of sliding through narrow
spaces and jumping his board over ramps, Lefty is a tall basketball player with
one extendable arm capable of grabbing onto high ledges, and Fins has tentacles
on his back that allow him to climb up walls and across ropes. You can select
each of them on the fly by tapping them and their coffin on the touch screen.
The characters also have their own special items that you can gather and access
by tapping on the character’s coffin on the touch screen.

The majority of the game will be
side-scrolling platform puzzle-solving, but there are quite a few mini-games for
players to indulge in. There’s a mode where you must attach a limb to another
zombie by dragging it to his body (easier said than done, since he flops around
like an undead fish). There are also some pseudo-educational reflex mini-games
(similar to Brain Age) that you’ll be able to play throughout the game.

Graphically, the game is pretty simple, but
looks good on the DS. There aren’t any crazy-impressive special 3D effects or
anything, but the 2D sprites are well animated and sport a unique design that
fits well with the game’s dark humor. The comic-styled cut scenes are viewed by
holding the DS sideways, and they feature a look on par with the rest of the
game. The sound is pretty good, with some impressive voice work and music.

Teenage Zombies is a quirky title that will
appeal to the tween set with unique humor and fun characters. Look for it to
release this spring.