Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World – WII – Preview

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The Tales series has been one of the most
popular for NAMCO Bandai, as they have been released across several different
systems over the years. Now it looks like the series will be making its debut on
the Nintendo Wii with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. More of a
spin-off than a proper sequel, Dawn of the New World offers a new storyline with
some new characters, and an interesting new focus on capturing, leveling, and
evolving monsters, similar to Pokemon. Dawn of the New World is gearing up to be
a solid entry to the franchise, and should be worth a look for Wii owners and
fans of the series.

The main character in Dawn of the New World
is Emil, a character who is not a huge fan of Lloyd, the previous hero of the
series. While the world seems to look kindly on Lloyd and see him as a savior of
sorts, Emil only regards him as the man responsible for destroying his village
and leaving him an orphan. Offering character support to Emil is Marta, a girl
with a monster core, a special device that lets her capture and control

Although a Wii-exclusive game, Dawn of the
New World is pretty sparse when it comes to use of the Wiimote. While it is
possible to control your character by pointing at the screen, you’ll mostly use
the nunchuck/Wiimote combo in a pretty traditional manner.

The game’s monster catching system is pretty
complex, but the basics of it is that it involves utilizing elements and
matching sub-elements correctly in order to give you better odds for catching
monsters, of which there are 200 in all.

Like other Tales games, Dawn of the New
World gives you the ability to have four players play through the real-time
combat system offline.


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