Superman Returns: The Videogame – 360 – Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Let’s face it:
Ever since the Atari 2600 days of yore, there has not been one single great game
based on Superman. They’ve ranged from “meh” all the way down to downright
appalling (*cough*Superman 64*cough). It seems that the son of Jor-El just can’t
catch a break when it comes to video games. However, EA (the largest third-party
powerhouse in the known universe) is hell-bent on giving Superman his just due.
Plus, with blockbuster new movie on the way, it’s time to strike while the
iron’s hot. 

Superman Returns
is based on the upcoming Bryan Singer-directed film, and allows gamers to fully
control the Man of Steel, accessing his full range of special abilities, from
flight to heat vision and so on. More importantly, so far the game is doing the
impossible. No, not leaping tall buildings in a single bound, something much
more difficult – being a Superman game that actually doesn’t suck. 

Superman Returns
goes beyond the movie’s storyline, giving you a host of missions and situations
not found in the upcoming film, including some super-villains from the comics
(like Metallo and Parasite). However, the game won’t stray too far from the new
movie, as it will bear the official voices and likenesses of the film’s cast,
including Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, and Brandon
Routh as Supes himself. 

Superman Returns
operates on a bit of a sandbox system, similar to the one used in Spider-Man 2.
As Superman, you’ll progress through the huge world of Metropolis, saving
innocents and performing mini-games and side quests. The game will have roughly
thirty hours of gameplay, and should keep you busy should you choose to deviate
from the main quest. 

You’ll have three
distinct types of gameplay in Superman Returns: flying, rescuing, and combat.
Each of these game modes has their own unique feel to them, and change up the
pace frequently, keeping things fresh from start to finish.  

You’ll also have
access to all of Superman’s abilities, like the heat vision and furious assaults
with his fists. However, you’ll have to be careful when taking on enemies in the
fair berg of Metropolis, as if you get too rowdy and destroy too much of the
city, then that will be detrimental to your progress. 

All in all,
Superman Returns is looking to actually be a good Superman game. Check it out
next month.


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