Super Mario 3D World preview: You come for the 3D levels, you stay for the Cat Suit

The Cat Suit. That’s all. I could end this preview just by mentioning the awesomeness of the cat suit and how much fun you'll have with it. However, I’m not going to do that. It would be a disservice to my hands-on time with Super Mario 3D World, which was a fun-filled five minutes of multiplayer.

Super Mario 3D World is the best-looking Mario game I’ve ever seen. Mario has never looked better, with amazing lighting, vibrant colors and gorgeous HD visuals. Being able to free-roam around a level feels great, whether you’re playing with the GamePad or a Wiimote. Going into my playtime, I wasn’t necessarily skeptical of Super Mario 3D World, but I certainly wasn’t excited for it. With so many other exciting games coming out on the 3DS and Wii U, it just wasn’t on my list of must-have games. That’s changed after playing it.

I was playing with two other people. Each player chooses who they want to be, and each character has something special about them. Luigi, for instance, has a higher jump. I played as Toad, who has extra speed. I wasn’t on the GamePad, but that player is able to manipulate the enemies and environment by tapping on the touchscreen. Everyone was competing for the high score, which comes by defeating enemies and getting those gold coins, son! With the beautiful 3D world as your playground, there’s room to explore and find hidden treasures on your own, but wander too far away and you’ll be whisked back to the group.


What the three of us played around with the most, though, was the Cat Suit. Making its first appearance, the Cat Suit gives the player the ability to scale and run up walls, lunge at enemies and scratch them, and allows the player to run up flag poles. Remember when you used to have to time a perfect jump to get the best score? It’s a perfect addition to a game that is all about the 3D environment, as it allows you to get to places that you might not have been able to reach before. The only problem with it? When you lose the Cat Suit you’ll miss it!

I went into my hands-on time with Super Mario 3D World expecting it to be fun, but not this much fun. I have nothing negative to say about my brief time with the game. Between the 3D world, HD visuals and Cat Suit, this is shaping up to be a stellar title. The controls are simple enough for a newcomer/child to pick up and play, while experienced players will get even more out of it.


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