Starsky & Hutch – PC – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look

Starsky and Hutch brings an interesting twist
to your typical action-driving game, namely the ability to drive after and shoot
at bad guys at the same time. Using an auto-targeting feature, you can shoot at
your enemies while keeping control of the wheel and chasing them down on the
road. One really fun aspect of this is the two-player co-op mode, in which one
player (Starsky) will drive the car and handle all of the road responsibilities
and the other player (Hutch) will handle all of the shooting duties.

The game has all the retro atmosphere of the
show, and plays out storylines that certainly run parallel to something you
would find on the show. The Season mode also has some interesting touches to it.
In the Season mode, the objective is not only to complete the missions as they
are set out, but you also have to abide to the ratings system by performing
stunts and trick driving maneuvers. It’s extremely necessary to keep your
ratings up, because if people stop watching you then your show gets cancelled
and it’s game over. The graphics in the demo were pretty nice, although they did
feature some clipping issues. However, Gotham Games should have this polished up
when the game is released this fall on PC, PS2, and Xbox.