Star Trek: Tactical Assault – NDS – Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Out of about four games
that Bethesda Softworks is working on for this year, two of them are big
ventures into the universe of Star Trek … one for the 360 and PC, and the other
for the PSP and DS. The PSP and DS version is called Star Trek: Tactical
Assault, and while the game is identical on both systems, the DS will utilize
the ability to control all ship functions with the touch screen instead of menu
commands on the PSP.

Star Trek: Tactical Assault Nintendo DS screenshots

Tactical Assault is a
very combat oriented game, similar to the PC and PSP Star Trek Legacy, but this
one is a little more decision based in the fact that missions can be obtained by
hailing friendly ships that are in your area. In addition, you (as the admiral)
will have to make some split second decisions that can effect the outcome of
your mission … like deciding whether to hail a Klingon enemy in a Neutral Zone
and try to talk him down or go ahead and attack. Either way, you determine the
fate of what happens next.

Tactical Assault will
also allow you to have full command of your vessel, and you will be issuing
commands to scan sectors, raise shields, divert power, and make potentially life
endangering decisions like moving in close to an enemy to try and take their
shields down or stay farther away and try to damage them from a distance. In
addition, there will be missions where you will have allies to fight along side
you, and the demo showed multiple Federation ships against numerous Klingon


When it releases,
Bethesda plans to have 30 missions, 22 ships, 5 races, a Federation and a
separate Klingon mission / story to play through, and head to head play. For
those of you who would like to live long and prosper playing Tactical Assault,
be looking for this game to hit store shelves sometime in September of 2006.



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