SSX 3 – XB – Preview

E3 2003 – First


SSX 3 (working
title), the sequel to the massively successful SSX and SSX Tricky snowboarding
games, bridges the gap between the free-flowing-carving of SSX and the insane
Uber-tricks of SSX Tricky for a nice ride any snow-bunny would love to cuddle
with.  The game is completely new (compared to SSX Tricky which was SSX on a
lethal combination of LSD and steroids) and takes place on one mountain.  This
mountain, however, makes Everest look like a mogul on the bunny slopes.  The
mountain is divided into three peaks, each with several lengthy runs.  Unlike
the last titles, which combined freestyle and racing courses, each run is
designated as a freeride (think Untracked in the previous titles), a freestyle
course, or a racing course.  As tracks are unlocked, boarders can race down the
mountain to previously unlocked tracks and ride them seamlessly.  You can in
fact ride down the entire mountain (once all the peaks and courses are unlocked)
without a pause in the game for an estimated 25-minute ride from the precipice
to the base. 


New to this title
is the addition of Big Challenges.  These serve as small mini-games and can be
activated at any time by simply riding through the Big Challenge icons at the
beginning of each track.  Completing the Big Challenges will reward the riders
in various ways.


Each rider is
equipped with a PDA which serves as an option-packed menu to customize each
game.  Through the PDA riders can accept challenges, teleport to other parts of
the mountain, and select their own soundtrack to ride to through EA Radio Big. 


Graphically, the
game is visually much better than its predecessors.  The snow in the game looks
absolutely fantastic thanks to better snow depth and sparkling snowflakes
reflecting the sunlight.  Character movements have also been retouched making
SSX 3 look gorgeous.


SSX 3 will be
on-line compatible with its Playstation 2 version, but details have not been


SSX 3 is set to
hit the slopes on October 14th.