SpyHunter 2 – XB – Preview

E3 2003 –
First Look


Staying true to the
original game from a year or so ago, Spy Hunter 2 will have you zooming
throughout the landscape in the Interceptor once more, battling spies from
Nostra in your vehicle outfitted with tons of weaponry. This time around, they
have also added in some new transformations to go with the original ones,
including a four-wheel off road vehicle and even a snowmobile.


The new gameplay element
that stood out in this new version of Spy Hunter is that it won’t be as linear
as the original was. Although you will still have the same set paths and
whatnot, there will be multiple branching paths to select from and allow the
gamer to decide where and how they would like to progress. Each region that you
go to is also fully interactive, and there will also be some intense boss
battles to see along the way that is completely new to the series. The
Interceptor will also be 100% player upgradeable, so you will be able to outfit
it with weapons and such that fit your style of play rather than what the
developer thinks is he best way to equip the car. You will also have a new
friend to accompany you, an onboard computer named Leonie 2.0 who will provide
some good info and tips as you progress through the stages.


Spy Hunter 2 is looking good, and zipped
along at a high rate of speed providing lots of explosive gameplay and action.


Look for it this fall 2003.