Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over – GBA – Preview

E3 2003 –
First Look


I liked the Spy Kids movies. They were funny,
well written, and had some really neat special effects. There is now a new
movie in the works scheduled for July of 2004, the plot of which being that
the two young bond style heroes are sucked into a video game. Well,

Buena Vista will be releasing games for the PC and GBA based on this
new film. Here’s the really cool part … the movie will be in 3-D, and you can
bring your glasses home after the movie and play the game in 3-D as well on
either the PC or the GBA.


On a really quick first
look, the Spy Kids 3 game will be more of a 2-D
kind of game for both platforms. Both of them were looking
good so far, with the PC version using the actual digitized likenesses of the
movie characters in the game. One thing that I was really happy about with Spy
Kids 3 is that you don’t HAVE to have the glasses to play the game, and it
looked just fine without them. The 3-D modeling did look good though, and it’s
coming along nicely.


Spy Kids fans … be looking
for these games around the same time as the movie with the same name.