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Set up as if it was a
reality television show, Split/Second is being brought to the
next-generation consoles and PC next spring by the creators of last year’s
stellar hit, PURE.

The racing levels are
based on movie sets and the players are out to become the best in the circuit.
Using the environments to create new shortcuts and blow past the competition,
is stealing the show floor at E3 as PURE did last year.
During the demonstration, the representative blew up a tower that fell down onto
the level. This shortcut remains in the level all throughout the race. He also
blew up a bridge that set his opponents flying down below while he jumped over
them skidding to stop before he drifted into a wall.

Drifting is one way to
build up the powerplay meter to use at key moments to alter the outcome of a
race. Not using licensed cars, Split/Second is attempting to recreate
authentic looks of cars from popular manufacturers. No vehicle damage was
showcased in the title.

Split/Second Screenshot

The presentation was
downright beautiful as the HUD is minimal. This approach allows for a more
immersive experience as you aren’t forced to look at a huge overlay of a map, a
speedometer thrown in any of the four corners of the screen, or your lap number
on the top of the screen to count down till the end of the game. Instead,
employs the number of laps and the position of the racer
underneath the taillights.

Graphically, the level
that was displayed put forth an environment basking in the sunset. The lighting
was brilliant, the cars look exquisite, and the explosions looked out of this
world as the bridge collapsed. Even the sound of the title was top notch as the
cars revved up and glass shattered when players hit the wall.

One thing that
has going for it over PURE is that it will have offline
multiplayer to play via split-screen. This should please every racing fan who
wants to play the title together with their friends from their own couch.

Launching in the spring
of 2010, Split/Second surely caught the eyes of racing fans that stopped
in the booth and racing fans alike.


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