Spider-man: Friend or Foe – NDS – Preview

E3 2007

your enemy is not the enemy you should be worried about. Peter Parker thinks
that he has life all figured out. The bad guys may be numerous but at least he
knows who they are and what they can do.

Knowing what
they can do may prove invaluable when it comes to Spider-man: Friend or Foe, a
pending release from Activision.

friendly, neighborhood Web-head is battling a host of bad guys – Doc Ock, the
Goblin, Sandman and Venom – when, suddenly, they are whisked away. One moment
they are there, then pop! – gone. A new menace has surfaced and Spidey will find
himself teaming up with heretofore villains to combat the problem.

It is a new
kind of game, with a story culled from the movie trilogy. Players will be able
to switch between characters at any time in the game, and the game also features
drop-in, drop-out cooperative gameplay.

And if you
want a star-studded cast, you will be getting it. Not only are the bad guys
playable and fighting with Spidey, but you will get a host of others (13 in
all), like Iron Fist. And even Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. make an appearance.

The game’s
combat looks similar to what has been realized before with jump attacks and web
rodeo-style attacks from Spider-man. As for settings, the game sports
international locales and there are versus-mode arenas that are unlocked through
in-game missions.

Next Level
Games (out of Vancouver, Canada) is the developer and the game should be hitting
store shelves in the fall.

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