Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy – PS2 – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look

Zelda? Yeah it’s great. Usually, that’s the main thing that comes to mind
when you think of adventure / action / puzzle games that hit the market. THQ has
been hard at work also working on a game that falls into a similar gameplay
style called Sphinx … and it’s looking good.

Sphinx puts you in the role of the main character … whose name is Sphinx by
the way. He is armed and equipped with a nifty looking beam sword for melee
combat, and a blowgun for distance fighting and for solving puzzles as well. The
puzzles that I saw in this soon to be completed game were really neat,
challenging, and all actually led into one another even if they were in totally
different areas of the level that you were on. In addition to using weapons, etc
to solve puzzles … you also have a little mummy friend who has his own
separate set of missions to go on. The really unique thing with the mummy though
is the fact that he is dead. Well, not just that …. but he can’t be killed,
period. So a lot of things that he can do to solve puzzles revolve around things
like getting electrocuted and set on fire. He even has stages where he gets
flattened by walls to help him slip through prison bars.

Overall, everything is shaping up nicely and looking great for THQ and
Sphinx. Be looking for this cool adventure game around 3rd quarter 2003.