SpellForce – The Order of Dawn – PC – Preview 2

E3 2003 –
 First Look


Anyone who has read my bio knows I like FPS titles. I
also like a good RPG or RTS at times too though; as do many people that I know
and play games with. Well, what would happen if you took all of those styles and
combined them to form something new? Sounds like a lot (or a dream, one of the
two), but JoWood has done it with Spell Force … and this was one of the more
impressive titles I saw at the show this year.


Spell Force starts out innocently enough … you create a
character RPG style through a list of options ranging from physical attributes
down to skills, magic, and even what type of magic element class you want to
belong to. From there, you enter the world and play it out RPG style for a
while. During this time, you can also switch from an RTS viewpoint to an FPS
view, making it more like a Morrowind kind of feel. In addition, JoWood also
added in a neat option list for combat, so when you click on an enemy to fight
with him or yourself for healing or modifying magic … a list of all available
option comes up for you to select from taking a lot of the pausing or guesswork
out of gameplay. Later on it adds in the RTS element of play, where you can
summon workers, monsters, etc … but can even enter large-scale RTS battles in an
FPS view to really get a good view of the action and carnage ensuing.


The graphics for Spell Force are looking stunning so far,
with great lighting and spell effects, and I saw a battle scene where there were
literally hundreds of orcs, mages, warriors, and other creatures battling it out
with no slowdown and easy control. Be looking out for this one around November.