Spec Ops: The Line E3 preview

Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person shooter looking to bring narrative depth to the genre. The game puts you as the lead of a group of soldiers in Dubai, which has been leveled by a series of devastating sandstorms. The entire region is ruled by chaos, as warring factions are all vying for supremacy. You and your unit of soldiers travels directly into the heart of darkness to find the missing Colonel Konrad, the man in charge of the regional training facility with whom contact was lost after the destruction.

One of the ways that Spec Ops: The Line aims to differentiate from its competition is by having the player utilize the terrain in order to take out their enemies. You’re able to knock loose sand avalanches that are capable of instantly burying groups of enemies, which is a cool effect when done in the game.

Additionally, the setting itself makes Spec Ops: The Line a very different beast from its genre brethren. Dubai is a city that features myriad skyscrapers and visually striking buildings, and seeing these places emptied and destroyed by catastrophe is a pretty effective move by the developers.

The action in Spec Ops is pretty tight. You’ll be able to give your units commands, including indicating where you’d like them to focus their attacks, whether they should press forward or stay in place, and so on. Additionally, you’ll hear quite a lot of banter between your squad mates, as they’ll be constantly talking about their situation, a fine addition to the otherwise silently stoic genre.

Additionally, choice plays a key role in several situations in the game. At certain moments, you’ll have to choose whether to stay your hand or intervene in situations that you come across, with dire situations occurring either way you go at times. These moments make up a lot of the emotional investment that you’ll get from the game.

Spec Ops is looking to be a solid and unique standout in the genre, offering a cool setting and some nice effects. The action is as intense and nicely paced, and should be one that you’ll want to keep an eye on if you’re a fan of the genre.