Spawn: Armageddon – GC – Preview

E3 2003 – First


Spawn (working title) is an
intense action game from the creators of Soul Calibur 2.  The game will follow
Spawn’s exploits and will no doubt feature some nice classic characters from the
series, like Clown/Violator, providing a nice story that’s faithful to its
source.  I played Spawn for a little bit and the first thing I noticed was how
much the game played like Devil May Cry.  As Spawn you can dispose of your
enemies in two ways:  melee style with an axe, or you can shoot them with your
handy-dandy pistols (which are drawn akimbo a la Dante from Devil May Cry). 


The graphics were pretty
nice, although the PS2 version suffered a bit from slow down and dreaded jaggies.  
Spawn looked pretty accurately like his comic counterpart and had some pretty
cool animations.  It looks especially cool when you juggle your enemy in the air
with gunfire and then smack them down with a swing from your axe.  Also, Spawn
trademark tattered cape looks very cool when you glide down with it.  Spawn had
a bunch of really neat combos, although the gameplay did feel a bit repetitive
and simplistic.  However, it will all depend on how the final game looks when
it’s released this fall.