Sonic The Hedgehog – 360 – Preview

E3 2006
First Look Preview

Sonic the Hedgehog has been
more than just SEGA’s official mascot. Over the years, Sonic has become a
representation of the video game industry in and of itself, sticking out as an
easily recognizable pop culture icon that people of all ages can immediately
recognize. The Sonic the Hedgehog series has created games on many systems (some
produced by SEGA, some not) and has been host to several changes along the way.
Now, SEGA is introducing Sonic to next-gen hardware by going back to his roots.


Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox
360 does more than just return the series in name, but also
focuses on the fundamental elements that made Sonic so great when it debuted on
the SEGA Genesis fifteen years ago: Great graphics and an excellent sense of
speed. Sonic the Hedgehog is shaping up to be a gorgeous game with an old school
feel that will appeal to old-school gamers and newcomers alike.


Sonic The Hedgehog PlayStation 3 screenshots


The storyline follows Sonic to
the water city of Soleana where he meets Princess Elise, a girl with a secret
that could impact the world. A brief teaser trailer revealed snippets of the
city which is somewhat based in reality compared to the fantasy worlds native to
the Sonic series, as the people hold a bit more of a realistic look than the all
out cartoony look that most of us are used to. Another mysterious character was
revealed in the trailer who looked like a white version of the titular blue
rodent, but that all remains to be seen…


Sonic The Hedgehog PlayStation 3 screenshots


Sonic will be updated in the
obvious next-gen ways, with accurate physics, smarter AI and so on. But the look
of Sonic himself has gotten an overhaul as well. The blue hero has gotten a
slimmer, more aerodynamic look to him now and has improved textures about him.
The game will also feature some great in town areas as well as the outdoor
environments that we all know and love from the Sonic series. When Sonic picks
up speed, a nice blur effect comes into play, which is a very nice touch.


Overall, Sonic the Hedgehog is
looking to make a nice transition to the next generation by doing what he does
best; hauling ass and looking good while doing it.

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