SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation – PS3 – Preview

If you’re an online gamer and you play PS2,
chances are you are a fan of SCEA’s SOCOM franchise. The series is the No. 1 online franchise on both the PS2 and the PSP. Now, Sony is looking to spread
the love and see if they can’t pull a Hat Trick with their upcoming PS3 entry to
the franchise, SOCOM: Confrontation. Developed by Slant Six out of Vancouver,
Canada, Confrontation is being touted as the ultimate SOCOM online experience,
taking advantage of the PS3’s Hard Drive abilities as well as the SIXAXIS
controller, making for an experience totally unique to the SOCOM franchise.

SOCOM: Confrontation PlayStation 3 screenshots

While the details we’re still pretty bare (Sony
only showed a trailer for the game at their recently held Gamer’s Day event), we
could surmise that the title will take place in a Middle Eastern setting. You’ll
be able to play as one of six international teams, each representing a different

The online play is looking to be extremely robust
for Confrontation, as the developers said that the game would allow clans to
form, complete with general customizations for leaders, and individualized
customizations for single avatars.

SOCOM: Confrontation PlayStation 3 screenshots

Additionally, theme packs will be released with
new game modes as well as tons of additional content. Like LittleBigPlanet and
WarHawk, SOCOM: Confrontation will be released in two separate mediums, either a
retail package (on a Blu-Ray disc) or through a download on the PlayStation
Network. While the differences between the two versions is not known at this
time, there should be some more info to divulge at E3. Look for more on SOCOM:
Confrontation then.