Sid Meier’s Civilization V E3 preview

The Civilization franchise has long been a staple on PCs, offering a variety of gameplay options for hardcore sim fans and newcomers alike. Now, the series is prepping for its fifth outing on the PC. Sid Meier’s Civilization V further ups the ante by giving players more features, and the ability to make the experience as tactical and hardcore or as user friendly as you want.

One new element in the game is Social Policy trees. This enables you to get specific boosts in your civilization by instilling concepts like Tradition, Liberty, and Freedom, giving them a focus and allowing you to get special boosts and abilities depending on which ones you take.

The game’s technology tree has been vastly built upon this time around, allowing you to develop your technologies in myriad ways. The tree structure is also very intuitive, letting you select something further down the chain that you want, with the game then filling in the blanks to make sure that you’ll eventually get to that point, which is very nice for newcomers.

The AI has also been beefed up for this outing, with opposing leaders acting and reacting realistically to you and your strategy. Should they try one strategy, like pure military might, and have that fail, they’ll adapt and try out different means of taking you on. The new AI gives each individual leader their own personalities, making them act differently from each other.

Civilization V is also a great looking simulation game, easily the best graphically in the franchise. The environments are gorgeous and sport a surprising amount of detail, while the units are nicely animated and well rendered.
Sid Meier’s Civilization V is turning out to be a worthy successor to the beloved franchise, and one that will be well worth your time if you are a simulation fan.