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Not wanting to fill
Section 8
with a handful of below average multiplayer modes, Section 8
is ready to unleash their sole mode that will have fanatics salivating for more.
Eliminating one shot kills and implementing a spawning system where you pick and
choose where you want to start within the game, Section 8 could end up
being one real gem of a game.

When you start off a
match, players will be shot from the stratosphere into the multiplayer map.
Every time you die, you’ll spawn in the same fashion as you shoot into the
environment as if you are a meteoroid. In addition, players will be able to
adjust their landing spot by pressing the correct button at the exact time it
appears on the screen. This feature shall allow players, who are frustrated by
snipers from afar, to land anywhere they’d like to provide an advantageous

Section 8 screenshots

Eliminating the one shot
kills, the only way to take care of your opposition without much effort is to
land right on top of an enemy. This animation will push players forward to slam
down into their opponent with a fist to the face that meets the ground. This
will no doubt play a factor into positioning and keeping on the move as players
attempt to get the jump on an enemy.

Hosting up to 32 players
online or through system link, Section 8 is out to find players who are
looking for epic battles. Never wanting to be a supporter of laggy gameplay, 32
players support will only be allowed through dedicated hosts and servers. If you
don’t have enough players to fill a match, bots can be added in that have three
different difficulty levels.

Maps will be created
specifically to showcase these large battles, so there are no worries about the
firefights being cramped. Of the maps spoken about, four were said to be placed
in a temperate setting (lots of foliage and water) and others will be in a
desert and canyons. Having a rough terrain, snipers can land on top of a large
rock in the middle of nowhere when they spawn to camp if they feel up to it.

Section 8 screenshots

For players who enjoy
vehicles, two unique vehicles will be provided to each side of the battle along
with caravan type vehicles to perform side objectives that can be used after the
objectives are completed. These objectives range from destroying bridges to
protecting a particular player in the match. Called Dynamic Combat Missions,
these DCMs should assure more replay value to the multiplayer mode as players
are striving to earn points all throughout the match.

If you’d rather not use a
vehicle, players are equipped with a limited jet pack and the ability to sprint
across the map as if they were a gazelle. Players will have to beware of
anti-air turrets if they decide to take flight to leap over their opponents as
turrets and vehicles can be called in at anytime by the player who earned the

Targeting a September
release, Section 8 will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PC.

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