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The SAW franchise has been one of
the most prolific in the horror film genre, launching its sixth entry later this
fall. Set to launch with the film, Konami is at work on a video game to go along
with the franchise. However, instead of following the events of one of the
films, SAW will be a whole new story, taking place between the events in the
first and second films. The game will present classic survival horror-styled
gameplay, heavy on atmosphere and exploration, but still with a few combat
elements as you fight to survive in Jigsaw’s maze.

In SAW, you’ll play as Detective
David Tapp (played by Danny Glover in the films) as you become trapped in one of
Jigsaw’s token mazes. The area is littered with traps and various dangerous
puzzles that you’ll have to solve in order to survive. However, you’re not alone
in Jigsaw’s world as you’ll meet up with (and often square off against) and
variety of characters that Jigsaw has deemed unfit. The game is being created
with input from the film’s creators, meaning that it will be an authentic
experience for fans of the film.

The game will require you to perform
actions like picking locks and solving a few puzzles, but you’ll mostly be
figuring out how to navigate Jigsaw’s traps and avoid them, lest you be killed
in the attempt. You’ll have to avoid rigged doors, bear traps, and other
dangerous hazards as you get around.

However, one element that is
particularly dangerous is the other people littered throughout the maze.
Depending on the choices you make in your interactions with them, they’ll either
befriend you and help you navigate the environment, or they’ll attack and try to
kill you. The game’s combat system is focused mostly on the melee weapons that
you’ll find about, like lead pipes and other environmental items littered
through the game.

SAW is shaping up to be a pretty
faithful adaptation of the popular films, and could be one that horror fans will
want to sink their teeth into.


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