Risk (iPad)

People are always going to love board game classic Risk. Released in 1957, it is the proto-turn-based strategy game for hundreds of strategy board and videogames that have since come. Without Risk, we may not have seen titles like Civilization, Command and Conquer, or Starcraft, to name but a few of the popular strategy games. That’s a high pedigree to live up to, and any updated versions of the game had better be good. For example, Risk has also seen a major update with EA’s Risk: Factions, a modern and fun take on the game. While that game has a distinctly colorful and dynamic way to play, the charm of the original is strong enough for a more traditional style game.

And now it’s coming this January to the iPad, in an updated port of the iPhone version of Risk. Like that version, drag and drop play is key, only now it’s over a much larger playing field, as opposed to the cramped iPhone screen. Supporting six players around one tablet, Risk also allows others to join in over wi-fi, and head to head over bluetooth, the game is very friendly to multiplayer. Core gameplay is as classic as ever, although there are options to speed the game up, a necessity considering the sometimes eternal game lengths of the original. All in all, it looks like a very stable and enjoyable port of the game, and fans of classic Risk would be hard pressed to find a better portable version of the game.