Resident Evil Archives – WII – Preview

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If given the choice, most gamers
would rather have a sequel than a remake of an existing title. That makes
perfect sense: why buy another dose of what you’ve already experienced when you
could potentially have a game that is entirely new?

But there are times when you can have a new
experience from a game you’ve already played, as evidenced by the Resident Evil
remake for GameCube, a groundbreaking re-entry into the world of Capcom’s intro
to survival/horror. The game was tougher, scarier, and several times more
realistic. And with new kinds of zombies (the kind that don’t die from gunshot
wounds), additional areas to explore and a host of new and/or altered puzzles,
this GameCube remake never once felt like a rehash.

If you’ve played through it before, then you
already know the horrific joys that game produced. But if you missed it – as so
many GameCube-less gamers did upon its release – you’ll get another chance very
soon with Resident Evil Archives.

Despite the new name, this is solely a port of
the beloved Resident Evil remake. New features aren’t a part of the experience,
so you can expect the exact same game. But if you don’t own the original, don’t
hesitate to add this one to your collection. It looks beautiful and is
still one of the best survival/horror games ever made.


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