Private Wars – PC – Preview

E3 2003 –
 First Look


1C is a Russian developer that was new to me this year,
as I stated in the preview for Bloody Magic. I got a chance to sit down and talk
to one of the developers who is working on a game called Private Wars for the
PC, which will play out similar to squad-based games like Ghost Recon or Rainbow
Six with some single player only elements added in.


Private Wars will take place in over 20 really massive
levels, and will have you and / or your commando team completing various
objectives. The level that I got to see was an outdoor compound, where we were
going in and attacking a terrorist group. The first thing that hit me with
Private Wars was the leaves, trees, and grass … and the way that they would move
and sway in the gentle breeze. At the first sign of an enemy, fire was exchanged
leaving him in the dirt and his blood splattered on the wall behind him. It all
looked really good, and little things like food on a table and bullet decaling
added to the environment. In addition, lights could be shot out and flashlights
used, but this can also draw attention to you by your enemy.


There will be up to 8 commandos per team, but they have
simplified order giving by making it more of an attack or defend style setup
with the AI doing the rest for you. This puts more emphasis on the action
element and not so much on giving orders exclusively.


All you FPS
fans and Clancy junkies might want to watch out for this one, it’s scheduled
to hit around 2004.