Preview: Injustice: Gods Among Us’ puts up a hell of a fight

***Mild Spoilers Ahead*** Whatever you do, don’t call Injustice: Gods Among Us a Mortal Kombat clone with DC characters. While Netherrealm Studios has become well-known for its reboot of the over-the-top, violent brawler from two years ago, this is a whole different beast. Injustice has its batarang set to lure in comic book fans and gamers looking for something different from their fighting game. The game not only infuses some great fisticuff and projectile combat that you’ve come to know from the team, but also some other elements that make each fight interesting — and the modes to back them up.


Netherrealm gave us a close look at a couple of the modes featured in the game — ones that really help provide some backstory, as well as extra depth to keep you busy.

The first mode revealed was the campaign mode. Like Mortal Kombat’s campaign mode, it spreads across several characters in the DC universe, tying in fights with villain and hero run-ins. The story arc that starts the game has Batman confronting the Joker, who just detonated a nuke that leaves millions dead in Metropolis — possibly even Lois Lane. Enraged, Superman attacks Joker after brushing Batman aside, pushing events into motion.


From there, gamers follow Batman as he begins investigating Joker’s activities while others fight against one another in the ravaged streets. He begins his work in Arkham, where he runs into Deathstroke, doing Lex’s dirty work. After brawling with him, he moves up to Bane, also employed by Luthor, who tries to break Batman’s back in a fight, only to be defeated. Then it’s on to Luthor himself. Before a fight begins, Batman initiates in a mini-game where players launch batarangs at the approaching villain, in a spruced-up tech suit. If they succeed, they don’t need to fight him.

During this mode, a new Clash system was revealed, where players charge themselves up and have a dramatic “clash” (thus the name) to see who comes out on top. Though we weren’t able to play this section of the game, it looks fantastic, adding a dramatic element to the proceedings.

After going through campaign, we checked out the new S.T.A.R. Labs mode, featuring a variety of mini-games similar to the ones found in Mortal Kombat. Here, you’ll face certain challenges you’ll need to complete in order to move on, such as defeating an enemy with certain attacks, taking on a survival mission, or flying through space and shooting missiles at incoming projectiles based on button prompts. These add some depth to the game and help you unlock rewards throughout — again, just like Mortal Kombat.


Featuring a packed roster (with two more fighters yet to be revealed), beautiful graphics (the scenery changes each time you land a powerful blow, crumbling in the distance) and unpredictable fighting tactics, Injustice: Gods Among Us has a lot going for it. The team also mentioned that the Wii U could possibly have extra features with the GamePad (though they didn’t indicate exactly what they were), and also showed off a forthcoming mobile version of the game (which we will be able to talk about closer to its release next month). There’s a lot in store for comic book fans in a few weeks’ time, as Injustice: Gods Among Us looks to be the full package for those wanting a hell of a fight.

Injustice: Gods Among Us hits stores April 16th.