Preview: Big changes coming to Marvel Heroes

I was fortunate to be among the first to see some sweet, new changes coming to Marvel Heroes. The game has had many Closed Beta sessions thus far, allowing users to experience the game and give feedback on what needs to be improved and what's working.

The first big, noticeable change coming to Marvel Heroes is the UI redesign; it's sleeker, a bit more colorful, and easier to navigate. The mini-map has gone from its standard overhead view to a rotating, 3D view. It hasn't been done before, but it looks pretty fantastic. The skill bar has changed a bit, as well; it's now more streamlined and straightforward.

However, the biggest change to the game is how stats are handled. Before the change, each character had a number associated to each stat; raising them a few points didn't necessarily reflect that point change from a gameplay perspective. The new stat system does away with numbers. Instead, it is composed of seven points points to each stat. What this change does is make each stat increase much more important, though less frequent. With only seven points total for each stat, and each of them already having some points in it, each point gained will make significant and noticeable changes to your character's gameplay. Higher strength, for example, will allow certain characters to lift cars and throw them at enemies.


The changes also extend to the game's crafting system, which was nicknamed by David Brevik himself, the Horadric Cube 2.0. While this obviously isn't the official name of the crafting system in the game, it's easy to see why. Much like the Horadric Cube from Diablo II, the essence of crafting relies on mixing certain components together. However, unlike Diablo II, Marvel Heroes shows you the recipes, cutting out the guesswork completely.

Vendors will also be worked into the crafting system. While selling your unneeded items to vendors might seem like the most practical choice, you'll also be able to donate your items. Doing so will increase the vendor's rank, unlocking better crafting recipes. It is important to note that the crafting will work off of a time system, where each recipe will require a certain wait time until it's complete. Low-level items will most likely be instant or take just a few seconds, while very high-level items could potentially take 24 hours to finish crafting.


There are also a few smaller changes to the game that will make it much more user-friendly, such as the newly implemented Friend List, expanded skill trees for heroes and a new area called the Savage Land. Four new, playable heroes also join the cast — Spider Man, Cyclops, Colossus and Thor.

The game is currently in Closed Beta, though there are plans to open the game up to more people. No specific dates were given, but keep checking back on the Official Marvel Heroes page for any future announcements.