Planetside – PC – Preview 2

E3 2003 – First


What do you get
when you cross MMOFPS games like Battlefield 1942 with a futuristic, huge,
persistent world? You get Planetside from Sony Online Entertainment. Basically,
this game centers around a lot of action and a huge scale battle between
factions over 10 separate continents in the online world.


Each one of the
server continents will be able to hold 300 – 500 infantry troops, and will give
players the chance to actually be “armchair commanders” in a sense. There was a
good command structure, accessible through a map which shows the location of
troops around the area, and orders and chat can be done using voice over IP
technology to set waypoints or coordinate attack and defend strategies.


Aside from good
communication and tons of action, Planetside also will give players the ability
to utilize 17 different vehicles. These range from tanks and quad runners to
huge dropships that can carry up to 13 infantry and even a vehicle. There is
also an element of RPG added into Planetside since each person on the field will
have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and experience points can be
applied as you see fit to begin getting new skills like piloting or demolitions.
There is a heavy emphasis on team play here, since experience points earned are
actually divided up throughout the squad. What this does is allows players like
medics to do their job (which won’t yield experience for healing, etc.) rather
than try and do something that they’re not good in so they can level up. This
also helps newer players jump in and immediately be just as important as some of
the most tenured players … and there is even a grouping tool to help each player
find a squad who needs their assistance.


What makes this story even better is the fact that
we only have 3 more days to wait for Planetside … and it’s looking like a must
get for all you MMOFPS fans out there.