PixelJunk Racers – PS3 – Preview

The PlayStation
network is gaining momentum and as part of the downloadable content comes a
little racer called Pixel Junk Racers. This is, as the name implies, a pixel
feast and simple to understand – in spite of the fact that some of the
instructions are not overly easy to comprehend at first glance.

The title is
from Q-Games and SCEA.

There are four
game modes – solo tournament (compete solo in a series of races), quick race
(just jump in and go on any unlocked track), party race (the multiplayer mode)
and score attack (play for a personal best time and then compare times online).

The controls
are kept simple: You use the R2 and L2 shoulder controls to vary speed, the
right and left D-pad buttons will allow you to switch lanes. There was a button
“missing” in the preview build GameZone downloaded, and it was for the horn.

Each race has
goals that must be achieved on a couple of different tracks. There are powerups
along the way to increase your speed. There is one that will require you do
nothing but hit the powerups in order (not repeating) to reach insane speeds and
complete 666 laps within a very short time frame. In fact, the races are (for
the most part) timed affairs that have a timing scheme within the timed event.
You will need to push the edge of the speed envelope to set an accomplishment
time within the framework of the event timer. It’s actually easier than it

Another race
will require you to stay in the zone with carefully controlled speed. What
essentially this means is that you will jump on the track and see a series of
glowing blue zones that are tracing paths around the path. You need to get into
those zones and reduce your speed enough to stay within them as a time counts
down and explodes the zone. There are three zones. Detonate all of them and you
pass the stage.

And so it goes.

The graphics
are very dated, but then you knew that if you looked at the name of the game. It
is a top-down view, and the sound is in line with the graphics – dated. This is
a throw-back arcade title. It may provide a bit of fun for those looking to
relive the old days of gaming. For others, it is nice to see where we once were
to better appreciate where we are now.