PDP and Disney Infinity team up to give you some magical accessories

If you've followed anything I've written on GameZone or posted to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, then you know I'm a big fan of Disney Infinity. The open-ended Toy Box mode where you can play and create how and what you want has me drooling. Combine that with the Sklyanders model of selling toys/figures, and you've got a winner on your hands. So I took every opportunity I had to play the game at E3 this year.

The Disney booth wasn't the only place to check out Disney Infinity stuff, though. At PDP's booth at E3 this year, I was able to see the large selection of accessories that they have planned.

With Disney Infinity, you'll be collecting figures, power discs, vehicles and Play Sets — a lot of them. And, as time goes on, we're bound to see more figures and power discs from other popular Disney movies and newly acquired franchises — Star Wars and Marvel anyone? That's a lot of stuff to store, and that's where PDP comes in. As the official licenser of Disney Infinity accessories, PDP is offering products that'll manage all of your Disney Infinity items. 

All of the items I saw should be out the same time as the game, but I wasn't given a concrete "yes" to that. 

First off, I was told the PDP will release two Disney Infinity-themed controllers — a wired controller for the Xbox 360 and a gesture controller for the Wii and Wii U. In addition to these, PDP will have an Infinity-branded extension cable that doubles the length of the wire to make playing easier.

PDP Disney Infinity Play 'N' StoreAs for storage options, there were quite a few to see at PDP's booth. The Figure Display Cases, which you can see in the picture gallery, are clear, stackable cases with red bases. They are only for display, so you'll need to remove your figures to play the game and place them on the base, but it's one option you have for displaying the cool artwork and design of each character figurine, as well as the card for that figure. The Figure Display Case will be sold in packs of three for $14.99.

Another option for storage is the Play 'N' Store. The Play 'N' Store stacks holders for your figures and power discs, with the Disney Infinity play base sliding into the top notch. The USB cable drapes along the back of it, so you can keep it out of sight while it's plugged in. What it allows you to do is store and display your figures without leaving them loose or in cases, and be able to play the game at the same time. Each shelf should hold five figures comfortably, and since the base also sits in there, it's easy to swap characters in and out while you're playing. The Play 'N' Store looks like it can expand upwards, so if you get more figures, you should just be able to buy more storage for it and expand. The Play 'N' Store will be available for $19.99. 

PDP Disney Infinity Play ZoneIf you plan to pack everything up and go on the road — or are just a Disney Infinity nomad constantly on the move — then the Play Zone messenger bag is for you. When you open the bag, it has a roll-out play mat which the base can snap into, so you can plug in and play directly from the bag. Aside from featuring nice artwork and protecting all your items, the Play Zone holds up to 20 power discs and 17 figures. It will retail for $39.99. 

If you're interested in having a separate holder for power discs, then you have two options. One is the power disc album which has an assigned slot for 20 power discs. Since power discs will be random purchases in packages, odds are you'll get duplicates. The album can encourage collecting and trading for discs you don't have. Also, it's a nice, neat, organized way to keep them in order. The album will go for $9.99.

Your other option is a cylindrical holder called the Power Disc Capsule. It slides open and looks to hold upwards of 20 power discs, but it doesn't have the same means of organization as the album. It's just a nice, clean way to keep all of your power discs in one place. The Power Disc Capsule will also go for $9.99. 

There's also a base protector with four custom Disney Infinity artwork skins for your power base, but I wasn't given a price point for that. 

For someone like me that plans on owning every Disney Infinity figure and power disc, these items from PDP are great. I definitely plan on getting the power disc album, Play Zone and the Play 'N' Store. 

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