PAX Prime 2012: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hands-on preview

I would have been lying to you if I told you that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was on my list of anticipated games. I was such a huge fan of the Metal Gear series, that I just didn't see the point of an action game starring Raiden. However my mind changed almost instantly once I finally got my hands on Revengeance. This game is really something else.

Raiden is a very quick and acrobatic character, giving him a definite edge over his enemies. Armed with his extremely OP katana, you'll literally be slicing and dicing enemies into hundreds of parts, al within seconds of one another.

metal gear rising

What really sets it apart from other action games is the slicing mechanic. Sure you still have the option to do some quick and heavy strikes with the X and Y, or Square and Triangle buttons, but the beauty comes from holding that left shoulder button, seeing time slow down around you, and then guiding your katana through your enemy hundreds of times, slicing them to little shreds. Of course you can be more precise if you choose to do so, but I found that most of the fun came from my wildly swinging my sword in all sorts of directions, and having my enemies fall apart right in front of me.

While the game is obviously more catered to action gameplay, rather than stealth, you will have the option to take out your enemies with a swift blow if you attack them from behind. There are also finisher moves which not only look extremely bad ass, but once again end in a flurry of cuts that are all smooth as butter.

metal gear rising

What's amazing is that enemies aren't the only ones affected by your amazing slice and dice skills. I came across an area with a giant, rusted Ferris wheel. With a few precise strikes at the base, I was able to send that Ferris wheel tumbling down, taking down an enemy vehicle in the process. Instant satisfaction.

While I was initially disappointed that MGR:R was a big departure from standard Metal Gear titles, my hands-on time with the game made me a believer. You can get your hands on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in 2013, and trust me when I say, that time can't come soon enough.