Pax Prime 2012: League of Legends Syndra preview

Now that Games Com is over, Syndra isn’t anything new.  She’s been announced, videos have gone up, her abilities have been revealed, etc.  That’s fine and dandy, but a bunch of text about abilities doesn’t really mean much until you add application to them.  At PAX Prime 2012 I got an opportunity to give her a try.

She’s quite technical and will take some time to fully grasp.  Syndra is an ability power character who will most likely be played mid.  She offers a kit truly unlike any characters I’ve ever seen in a MOBA, even League of Legends.  If I absolutely had to compare her to an already existing character, it would be Orianna; since Syndra can manipulate an ability she can place on the board.

Syndra’s bread and butter is her Q – Dark Sphere.  This ability basically starts the combo off.  It’s an AOE that has a fast delay before activating.  Once it does its damage, it leaves a sphere on the ground where you cast it.  Her other abilities have the opportunity to do something unique or to move this sphere around. 

Her W is her fun ability, in my opinion.  Syndra has the ability to lock on a close minion or the sphere from her Q, pick it up, and launch it where she wants, doing AOE damage.  The projectile travels slowly so you really have to lead it if tossing it a far distance.

The E ability is a cone push ability.  While doing damage and pushing enemies away, it can also be used on the Q to shove it at enemies.  The sphere will travel further than the cone and do damage upon impact. 

Her ultimate, R, will send the spheres around her body to attack a champion with a point and click nuke.  These orbs do high damage.  Her kit has great synergy with all her abilities which makes her a high difficulty, but huge pay off champion.  Her passive gives an extra effect to abilities she has maxed out making her excel late game.

We took a short video showcasing these abilities and synergies but will have to put it up once we get back from PAX.  Look forward to that clip and to Syndra in the near future.