PAX East 2013: Edge of Space may just consist of everything you love

Imagine what the love-child of Minecraft, Terraria, Metroid, and Castlevania would be like. Having trouble picturing that? Let me introduce you to a game called Edge of Space. This 2D, sandbox, multiplayer, exploring, crafting, etc., etc., etc. game does a little bit of everything. While in most cases when a games tries to do too much it falls flat on its face – this isn’t the case in this very ambitious game from Reverb.  

With influence from Star Wars: Galaxies and Farscape, Edge of Space focuses on the theme “man vs. nature.”  As you start to settle into your base, terraform the planet, set up beacons, and kill some wild life… the world will react. Exposure in the planet is unsafe for travelers and must be cleansed / terraformed. The monsters and creatures you are killing off won’t like this. With flying jet pack sharks and plasma clawed bears – you will have your hands full with an environment that wants to off you. Did I mention there is a certain mob that will spawn camp you if you piss her off enough? The moral of this story is to be safe and know what you’re getting yourself into with every step.

Customization is king. In the current make of the game there are 640 million variations of weapons and this number will only increase. Along with your guns you’ll have the ability to make your character appear the way you want to. There will be laser fights, jet packs, electronics, and even boss fights. If your character is on a public server you can take it to any other public server. If you play on a private server, that character is bound to that server. Currently the game allows for 5-7 players to play stability on a server but the devs are pushing this limit constantly with desire for numbers in the 100s.  


Does this game interest you? The beta can be played right though purchasing the early version of the game for a mere $10. This payment will not only get you instantly into the beta but will also give you every future version of the game. Currently Edge of Space is on Steam’s Greenlight and would appreciate your support / votes. If you want this title conveniently on Steam to team up with your buddies against bears with cannons on your back – get on it and spread the world already. Once officially released, you better believe the devs are opening the game to full mod support to the community.

In conclusion if Edge of Space interests you and looks like something you want to become madly addicted too: support the game, follow it, buy a copy, and vote for the Greenlight. It is that easy.