Obscure: The Aftermath – PSP – Preview

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Having already released
on the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 2, Playlogic Entertainment is gearing
up for a port of Obscure II to the Sony PlayStation Portable. Not having
the technology a year ago for a port, Playlogic feels that Obscure II is
ready for a release on the PSP.

Featuring cooperative
multiplayer that players can drop-in and drop-out through ad-hoc multiplayer,
Obscure II
is a gorgeous looking handheld title with dynamic lighting and a
cheesy storyline for fans of B-horror films.

In vein of I Know What
You Did Last Summer
and The Faculty, Obscure II is directly
aimed as a college suspense and horror title. Taking place three years after the
original, many of the characters from the first title are now out of high school
and in college. Experiencing drugs, alcohol and sex, their college life is about
to take a turn for the worst as they start experimenting with a new psychedelic
flower that takes them to places they’ve never been to before.

Obscure: The Aftermath PSP screenshots

Featuring storyline
clichés such as “don’t have sex or you’ll die” and “don’t split up or you’ll
die”, Obscure II was made to have cheesy acting and dialogue to get
players to laugh. At any moment, players can switch between the characters (up
to six playable characters in groups of pairs) as they wildly interact with each
other and the environment.

Looking brilliantly on
the PSP, the sound was also top notch (outside of the corny dialogue) with the
soundtrack created by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Parrish Children’s
Choir. If you appreciate the music, Playlogic is allowing for players to listen
to the tracks through a jukebox in the options menu.

Targeting a September
release, Obscure II will be featured as a digital download for the PSP Go
when it hits retail stores. So get ready to equip your flashlight and favorite
gun this fall.

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