NHL Hitz: Pro – GC – Preview

E3 2003 –
First Look


NFL Blitz started
Midway’s extreme sports lineup, and NHL Hitz just added to the fun. The newest
release in the series known as NHL Hitz Pro will have all of the arcadey and
fast paced gameplay that the originals had in them, but will also be making some
changes and upgrades to cater to their fans and what they have been asking for.


The original NHL Hitz
titles have featured a 3 on 3 gameplay element to keep it fast paced and focus
more on action. Hitz Pro will actually have 5 on 5 play this time around, league
rules and penalties (which can be turned on and off), and will also feature live
online head to head play as well. Each team will have 23 man rosters to go into
play when needed, and players will also begin to get tired and fatigued as they
skate around or get checked to the ice. One of the coolest features in the new
Hitz title though was the crowd itself. For example, if you are running up the
score and blowing out the competition, the crowd won’t really do much of
anything. If you score the winning goal at the last second or in overtime, the
crowd will go nuts and will even rush you.


NHL Hitz Pro is looking to be a good entry to the
world of hockey games this fall, and looks to broaden it’s market for arcade
players and fans of realism as well.