NFL Blitz: Pro – GC – Preview

E3 2003 –
First Look


If there’s one thing
that Midway is known for, it’s the extreme sports titles that are out. The king
of them all that started the whole thing off was NFL Blitz, a title that added
in late hits and some really painful looking physical contact to the world of
football. In the past, it’s been a very arcade style title … but Midway has
listened to their fans and have made some changes for the better.


NFL Blitz Pro first of
all scraps the 8 on 8 and 30 yard first down rule. There will be a full team of
11 players on the field, and first downs will be in 10 yard ranges … just like
they are in real life. This also added in the ability to focus more on the
running games rather than just a strong passing game all the time, and so there
are a lot more plays and options this time around to make it a lot more
realistic and entertaining to die hard gridiron fans. Will the late hits, fast
speed, and arcade style gameplay still be there? Well, I watched someone get
clothes lined so hard after the whistle was blown on one play that I thought his
head was going to fly off.


Everything that you love about the
Blitz franchise will be there, but it will have a lot more options and gameplay
this time around. In addition, Blitz Pro will have online capabilities and even
features where you will be able to download real time weather information to
load into your stadiums as it is happening, and you will be able to not only
inflict pain on the players in the field … but also the coaches and sideline
players are fair game as well.


Blitz is looking great, and the more
realistic additions only added to the overall enjoyment and look to make it
better than any other Blitz to be released so far.


Blitz Pro should be in stores fall of this