NCAA Football 10 – 360 – Preview

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The latest title in EA Sports’
popular college football franchise, NCAA Football 10 is getting ready to launch
next month. EA was on hand with the latest build of the title at this year’s E3
to showcase what this year will offer to the storied football franchise. This
entry of NCAA Football will offer up some pretty nice changes to the on-field
gameplay, and should allow both casual players and hardcore fans to get the most
out of the game experience.

The player lock feature was on
display for the game, effectively allowing players to single out one player on
the opposing team, either offensively or defensively, and focus all of your
efforts onto them. As you use this feature, the camera will shift, allowing you
to really focus in on the other player. This allows for a lot more strategy and
concerted efforts to be placed onto a single block or tackle, letting skilled
players dominate in this regard.

NCAA Football 10 Xbox 360 screenshots

Another new feature added is the
defensive assist element. This feature allows you to let the AI take control of
your player, and has them perform the correct motions of the play that you’ve
assigned them. This is a good way for skilled players to ensure that their plays
will be carried out in the best way possible, and allows you to finely tune the
elements of the play.

On the aesthetic front, the game
boasts a lot of great new animations to make the experience feel a lot more
realistic. Bodies crumple under hits and jukes and tackles look fluid and

NCAA Football 10 is shaping up to be
a nice iteration of the franchise, offering some subtle changes that help
redefine the gameplay experience and offer nice additions to the on-field
formula. Look for it this July 14.


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